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Watch Jason's interview on CT Style, Book Lover's Corner, WTNH-8. See link farther down this page.


THE LEGEND OF HOBBOMOCK: THE SLEEPING GIANT was selected as the only Connecticut book to be featured in Booking Across the USA, which made its debut in February 2013. Bloggers from all 50 states chose books that represent their states.

Finalist in the American Association of Publishers (AAP) 2015 REVERE Awards for PRE K-12 Learning.  (The judges' comments appear toward the bottom of this page.)


A 2014 Mom’s Choice Awards® Silver Recipient.

Winner of a Connecticut Press Club Award in 2012 for Children's Fiction. Entries were judged by the Colorado Press Women to encourage judging impartiality. No winners were awarded by default and not every category or rank had a winning entry.

This 32 page, hardcover picture storybook (for ages 6-10, grades 3-4, and adults too!) retells the Quinnipiac Native American pre-colonial legend of how the Sleeping Giant landform in Hamden, Connecticut came to look like a giant man sleeping on his back.

Newest Praise! The Legend of Hobbomock is a wonderful book providing an authentic representation of Quinnipiac tribal folklore. [Jason Marchi's] rich storytelling is a great way to introduce elementary-age children to Native American worldview and legend, and to inspire them to observe nature and the explore world around them. Highly recommended.
                   - Dr. Kevin McBride, Director of Research, Mashantucket Pequot Museum

A NOTE FOR CLASSROOM TEACHERS/HOME SCHOOLERS: AVAILABLE in September 2015 at Ruth Spears' TeachersPayTeachers website; the 90+ page Teaching/Activity Guide to use with the Hobbomock book in the classroom to align with the Common Core ELA and Informational Standards for grades 3 to 5.

If you order the Hobbomock Teacher/Activity guide from Ruth Spears, you might also want to order copy(ies) of the book itself for reading in the classroom. [See school/library pricing below.]

The book can also be used as a read aloud with primary students. Middle and high school teachers are also using picture books with their students to enhance historical themes and other events, including study of pre-colonial Native Americans. This book--so we have been told by dozens of Connecticut teachers and librarians--makes learning about Native Americans fun and appropriate for students.

  Peter Van De Graaff, Program Director, Beethoven Satellite Network, WFMT Classical Music Radio                       

The audio book version of The Legend of Hobbomock was recorded in Chicago by the talented Peter van de Graaff, program host of 98.7 WFMT's Through the Night. Peter is also the program director of the Beethoven Satellite Network. As a professional singer, Peter has performed with opera companies and orchestras throughout the world, including the Czech State Orchestra and the symphonies of New Orleans, Utah, Colorado Springs, and San Antonio.


Fifty cents from every copy sold is donated to the not-for-profit Sleeping Giant Park Association, Inc., (SPGA) to help with land preservation.



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To order one or more copies of the hardcover HOBBOMOCK book.

ISBN: 978-0-9830945-1-7

When you purchase directly from this website you will pay a little more than when you purchase on-line via Amazon.com, but you get copies signed by the author (which you won't get from Amazon) and more of your money (50% of the purchase price in fact!) goes directly to benefit the author and illustrator and not a major corporation.

Price: $16 per book plus shipping and sales tax

Or pay by check* or money order* made payable to OmicronWorld LLC, and mail to: OmicronWorld, 800 Village Walk, Suite 281, Guilford, CT 06437-2762

*$16 per book. Add shipping & handling of $4.00 per order (not per book). Connecticut residents add 6.35% sales tax on the total of the books ordered (e.g. don't add tax to the $4.00 shipping charge).



For SCHOOL TEACHERS and HOME SCHOOLERS ! (Anyone can also order this!)

Adopt The Legend of Hobbomock: The Sleeping Giant for classroom use for the Native American component of your studies, as well as Core Curriculum ELA Studies.

1. Hobbomock 90+ page Teacher/Activity guide available for download from TeachersPayTeachers. Price: $4. AVAILABLE in September 2015. Click HERE for a free preview.

2. The Legend of Hobbomock: The Sleeping Giant hardcover book. Order two copies (one copy for your classroom and the second copy for your school library) for just $32 and we will cover mailing and shipping. Once you order you will receive a FREE link to also down load (from this publisher website) a PDF version of the book for projection in the classroom AND a copy of the MP3 Audio Book as read by Peter van de Graaff.


Note: Paying by check? Send $32 and please make the check payable to OmicronWorld LLC. Send by postal mail to: OmicronWorld, 800 village Walk, Suite 281, Guilford, CT 06437-2762.


Contact OmicronWorldEnt@yahoo.com or call 203.453.5700 with any ordering questions.

FOR MORE DETAILED information about THE LEGEND OF HOBBOMOCK and additional reviews please scroll down.  

Click HERE to read a 650 word excerpt from the book. 

For those who like to support local bookstores and proprietors, THE LEGEND OF HOBBOMOCK is available at the following Connecticut locations:
Barnes & Noble, Universal Drive, North Haven (#1 bestseller at this store in 2012!)
Barnes & Noble at Yale University, New Haven
Barnes & Noble at Quinnipiac University, Hamden
Breakwater Books, Whitfield Street, Guilford
RJ Julia Booksellers, Main Street, Madison
Bank Square Books, Mystic
Grass Island Market & Antiques, Route 1, Guilford 
Captain Morgan's Bait & Tackle, Route 1, Madison
The Institute for American Indian Studies Museum & Research Center Gift Shop, 38 Curtis Road, Washington
Page Hardware, Boston Street, Guilford

New Haven Museum, Whitney Avenue, New Haven

Books graphics

To order an author & illustrator signed hardcover first edition of the book use our secure PayPal site link. To pay by check or money order, please scroll to the bottom of this page. Author personalization requests for the book(s) you order are welcome.
Jason Marchi. Visit the author's Website at www.jasonjmarchi.com

Jesse Bonelli. Visit the illustrator's Website at www.jessebonelli.carbonmade.com

Cover and book design by Tom Goddard of Goddard Designs, Higganum, Connecticut. Photography by Terri Marshall at https://www.facebook.com/TMarshallPhotography?fref=ts




PRESS Articles About the Book

WTNH-8 CT Style television interview 23 Oct. 2014

Connecticut Outdoors Radio Interview 14 Feb. 2012

Ann Nyberg's NETWORK CONNECTICUT interview 26 Dec. 2011


NEW HAVEN REGISTER Life Feature 21 Nov. 2011

THE DAY Daybreak Feature 20 Nov. 2011

SHORE PUBLISHING Living Feature 15 Nov. 2011 

Readers Write about Hobbomock

I purchased your book [The Legend of Hobbomock]  at the Southington Apple Harvest Festival on Saturday, Oct. 11th [2014] for my granddaughter Kailyn for her 7th birthday, which was also on Saturday. I would like to purchase another copy for my daughter who is the young adult librarian at the Miller Library in Hamden. When I showed my daughter the book, she absolutely loved it and requested a copy for her library’s children’s department. Could you please inscribe the following: To: Miller Library and sign and date it? Of course anything else you’d like to add would be just fine. My daughter will discuss a possible book reading and signing at Miller Public Library with the director and the children’s librarian and somebody will contact you. It was great meeting with you and talking with you. I wish you even more success in your writing career. My daughter and I both loved this book and “The Growing Sweater” so keep on writing! - Linda Lemire

I have shared [The Legend of Hobbomock] with my son Max, and will bring it back into the office shortly as every 2nd grader in Hamden visits my office and I am sure the students will get a kick out of it.        - Scott D. Jackson, Mayor, Hamden, Connecticut.

I just picked up this book up for my son after reading the article in the New Haven register. My son loved it! He was so excited about it that he wants his teacher to read it in class tomorrow. From a parent of a second grade boy who I'm trying to encourage to read more, I just wanted to say thank you and Jesse Bonelli for working on this book. My son has always asked questions about Sleeping Giant as we live in New haven and see it frequently. Now he knows the legend. Again, thank you as you have hopefully sparked an interest in reading for a young mind. - Chris Fiore, East Haven, CT

Just wanted you to know how much my grandchildren enjoyed your book. I like reading to them and even the five year old was very attentive. Robbie, the eight year old, took the book into class since they were studying Indians. Good timing. Please tell your illustrator that [he] did a great job, too.  - Michelle Winsch, Greenville, NC

My ten year old son Miles took the [Hobbomock] book to school yesterday and he said his teacher read it to the class and the kids applauded when she finished! He then said "It's a really good book, dad." He said he can't wait to read THE GROWING SWEATER.  - Paul Stewart, Brighton, MA

[The Legend of Hobbomock] book is magnificent...It is a GEM! - Joan & Henry Garbar, Gouldsboro, ME. [Joan is a former Mother Superior and a retired public school English teacher.]

Let me first share with you that Jesse Bonelli is one of my former science students. He was in my 7th grade science class in Old Lyme.....I remember his sketches back then, amazing for a 12 year old. I think it was a comic strip depiction of some type of food traveling through the digestive system....awesome!!!  I am THRILLED to see that he has illustrated your new book, the Legend of Hobbomock and cannot wait to get my hands on a copy. I would love a copy for myself, personalized to my four year old son, Geffen. We hike A LOT. Secondly, I'd love another copy for my father, Bill Harris. He has worked in Hamden all his life and just hit 65 years old. EVERY DAY he hikes this mountain on his lunch break. He walks to the top to be where he is most happy, in nature. He is also an avid spearfisherman and cyclist. Pretty amazing for sixty five!!! I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it if you could write a special note to him, in his own copy of your book. He knows that mountain like he knows the freckles on his arm. It would be such a special gift for Christmas.  - Courtney Harris, East Haven, CT

My sons received a gift from their grandmother this Christmas that they really enjoyed. I didn’t see the gift at first and then noticed they had stopped opening presents so my wife could read them The Legend of Hobbomock (they are 4 and 7). My mother had apparently been at the book signing, met you and purchased 2 copies. One for her and one for the boys. They really enjoyed it. So thank you and great job!  - Michael J Ellesio, Bridgeport, CT


The Legend Hobbomock: The Sleeping Giant placed as a Top 4 Finalist in the Beyond the Classroom, Relate category.

Comment One: The book is a wonderful explanation of the natural world as related through the storytelling of the Native American culture. It is gorgeous and educational and a worthy addition to any home or school bookshelf. A great resource for respectfully introducing Native American culture into youth. The CD is a font of activities and lessons both literary and cultural. It would not be possible to do everything that is offered and what is offered is quality material.

Comment Two: A beautifully illustrated book with an engaging story. The book on its own could be read and loved by readers all over the globe. The activities included are helpful. I can see how New England based educators would love this with its local setting. Would lend itself to folklore projects beyond the specific Native American content included here. Innovative teachers could adapt it nicely.

Comment Three: The story itself is engaging and does a wonderful job of staying true to Quinnipiac tribal lore. The illustrations are brilliant and students will be able to relate to the content and, I feel, it will spark their interest to learn more about Native American tribes and culture in general.

Publisher's Note: The supplemental teacher/student activity materials were first provided on a CD in 2014. Moving forward all supplemental teaching materials will be available for download. Ordering details provided above. 

Here is the LINK to the REVERE site itself listing The Legend of Hobbomock among the finalists for 2015. http://review.wizehive.com/voting/aapgallery2015/33342


    Entry Title: The Legend of Hobbomock: The Sleeping Giant
    Author: Jason J. Marchi
    Judge Number: 1
Books were evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the best.
    Structure and Organization: 5
    Grammar: 5
    Production Quality and Cover Design: 5       
    Plot (if applicable): 4
    Character Development (if applicable): 5
Judge's Comments:
   This is a wonderful presentation of a folk tale. Your writing has exactly the right voice for this story. The story is a perfect length for reading to a young person. The 6th grade writing/vocabulary level would also make this a good book to have in a library for older children to read and perhaps use for a report. I’m not sure what is legend and what you have added to the legend for story. I liked how you presented Blackbird’s life: what he ate, what he wore. When Blackbird encounters the stone giant, it creates the appropriate, conflict/tension for a proper story format. I loved how you showed Blackbird growing old and becoming the master storyteller. Great how you linked the legends by having him tell both the story he learned from Rakarota AND the new legend of his own experience. Good foreshadowing when his mother gathered the oysters for breakfast. The soft palette for the illustration matches the tone of the story and gives off a spooky feeling. Great illustrations. I love your ending about being very hungry when he wakes. You are a wonderful writer. I can see this book as a part of a series on folklore that might be published by an educational publisher. Good job.   

Research links used for research by the book author and Ruth Spear's LEGEND OF HOBBOMOCK teaching guide. Also helpful for further student research.





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